Get A Complete List Of Long Tail Keyword From Google Search Box

Normally, some keywords will pop up and you will find them similar enough so that they fit nicely into the same article.

It should now be very obvious to bring these keywords together and put them into an article. (ie the article you are reading.)

Splitting this small keyword group into five separate articles is not very useful! Instead, I just want to make sure that the “letters and spirits” of the five keyword phrases are covered on this page.

The keywords in the above example are very simple. However, when keyword phrases are more vague, the subjective and stylistic nature of content strategy planning becomes apparent.

Take “Web Content Writing” as an example. At first glance, my web page seems to satisfy the searcher’s business intent. Helping people write web content is what Keyword Researcher does!

But if we study this phrase more, we might find that most people who type this phrase are looking for:

Most searchers are currently less likely to be interested in actually buying keyword researchers.

Therefore, it is not in my interest to actively pursue keyword phrases (“web content writing”) in my on-site and off-site content marketing efforts.

For me, it would be more beneficial to use the content of this page to better reflect the keywords of people who are actively looking for keywords to organize the application.

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