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Ibm Says New Breakthrough In Battery Technology

Jeff Welzer, vice president of research at IBM, said the goal is to launch the first working prototype battery in about a year. However, IBM may not eventually use this design to make products.

The report pointed out that electric vehicle battery manufacturers are working to reduce the cobalt content of lithium batteries, and as the electric vehicle market continues to expand, it may cause shortages of cobalt supply.

According to IBM, this battery technology has proven to be superior to lithium batteries, including lower cost, shorter charging time, and higher energy efficiency.

In addition, IBM is also cooperating with the University of Tokyo to develop preliminary practical applications of quantum computing to promote the development of quantum computing. Under this agreement, IBM’s Q System One, a quantum computing system designed for scientific purposes, will be installed at an IBM facility in Japan, the first in Japan.

It is reported that IBM is competing with “Alphabet” companies and Microsoft and other technology companies who will first commercialize quantum computing technology, which will help accelerate the development of artificial intelligence and chemistry in the next few years.