Quick Turn Website Into A WordPress Theme To Get More Traffic Profit

Today I use this sample page. Imagine, this is my company website and I have decided to add a WordPress blog. Since WordPress is the largest and most established blogging platform, it is a common choice. By adding a blog, you can improve search engine optimization, drive more traffic to your site, and get your audience excited with updates and new content.

The important thing is that my new blog looks like the main page. Branding needs to be consistent, and it should not be confusing if you switch between the blog and the main page. The first step is to choose a nice, clean content page to use as a template. Some websites have a different design for the homepage.

Over the years, we’ve improved the service to handle various edge cases and create a high quality custom WordPress design.

The latest version focuses on the code quality. Generated designs follow the latest WordPress best practices for SEO and structure. That is, if you as a developer want to make further changes, the files are organized in a logical and orderly manner.

If you are not a developer, enjoy the security of a fast, secure, streamlined and modern codebase.

We appreciate your feedback, as it improves the Theme Matcher over time. Send us an e-mail for a quick human answer!

On the next page we are greeted with a preview of our website and instructions for selecting a content area. Move the mouse around the page to select the largest meaningful area.

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